MIJOKR BASENJIS & Podengo Grande
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Established in 1983 with our foundation Basenji - 
CH Maikai's Here's the Beef (Wicket)

Podengo's added in 2008 with the importation of the first Portugese Podengo Grande Smooth: 
Arte Barroca Quinta do Pasto (Hanna) and later that year Blockbuster (Buster) 
(with the assistance of Eve Parris and Bonnie Hathcock)

Founder of the American Portuguese Podengo Medio Grande Club
Indira da Heimat
UKC Pointed, Best Female
Sire: Plushcourt Questao (UK. Imp.)
Dam: Gina da Heimat 
Recorded: AKC-FSS: HP33205504
2nd Generation Heimat Breeding
Now joing the MIJOKR Pack -  Indira - The Pequeno 
watch for her at AKC Misc class and Jr Showmanship with her co-owner Belle.  Visit Indira's friends at:
http://podengos.com/ http://www.falconk9.com/ http://houlaskennels.com/ http://www.heimatworld.com/
Some Show Video's 
(on the left Pequenos - ont the right Podengo Grande and Pequeno)

Find a Portuguese Podengo puppy of your own at: www.podengopuppies.com
Indira the 1st show weekend in MISC
Indira in MinneSNOWta