The first litter of Smooth Grande Podengos is Growing up - here are some pictures and owner comments of what they are like - what they like to do and just general information. Scroll to the bottom and see the start of the second litter of Grande!
Nina March 2010Nina and 'Sharky"
11-28 Measured Fiz yesterday and he is now at 23," so that makes him officially a Grande. He had his first sleep over this week. I work retail so the day after Thanksgiving I had to work a 16 hour shift so I took him to my friend's house Thursday night so she could watch him. He had a great time there, never missed a meal (Fiz loves to eat) and when I got there Friday to pick him up he was sitting on the couch chewing a rawhide. She told me that Fiz was  a deer dog because Fiz found the antlers she had on her book shelf and was carrying them around. She put them back on the shelf but Fiz went and got them again so she had to put them on a higher shelf.

12-9 Just wanted to let you know that Fiz did his first Rally course last Thursday. He did 13 stations and if you count start and finish then you could say 15. Of course he has to learn how to do them correctly but with food he actually did all the signs on the course. He did left and right turns, sits, downs, down stay while I walked in front of him, a spiral, a serpentine, a call front, a finish to the left, left and right 270s and others I can't think of right now.  What was the greatest thing was he had so much fun doing the course. I will have to say though Fiz wasn't quiet in his crate while I worked Mentos and Stormy but I am glad that he thought he should be working with me instead.  I have set myself a goal to have Fiz ready for his Novice Rally title by mid May. That is only if he stay having fun at Rally.
11-20 Nina is a joy in every way, although pulling on the leash is still a challenge for us and fun for her apparently. (We've tried the gentle halter, the gentle leader, the haltie, stopping every 3 or 4 steps, stepping in front of her etc., lots of treats ). There also is a fascination with moving vehicles, especially fast, noisy ones so we will always be vigilant. The last adolescent puppy class was this past Saturday and Nina passed with flying colors since she has been easy to train (when she wants to). We love the way she can entertain herself and anticipate everything with enthusiasm.
11-28 We just measured Moses and he is not 23" yet, he is right at 22", so maybe he will be a medio..time will tell.

He has started his obedience training and is doing very well, so we are happy to see that. We have also taken him out to run the fields and "hunt", even though it isn't hunting season here, my husband has had him around the shotgun and he is doing swell.
We went to the dogpark on thanksgiving..and he ran straight into the huge pool they had and swam up to the edge, got out and looked shocked...not to mention Otis (the basenji), he looked absolutely Moses for being so wet.

Moses jumped into the pool two more times before we called it a day..and it was only 60+ degreees outside...
Such a funny sight.
He is super super cute with an excellent personality best of all Six and him LOVE each other.
Quincy has a wonderful new home and family in California.  He is confident, happy energetic and very very smart.  I am hopeful that he will make a good obedience dog however I believe that he would be great at agility - he is so fast and so in tune with people.  He won the Puppy Hound Group at his first match.

Quincy is doing great!  He sleeps in bed with us and is very cuddly and sweet!  He hears my daughters bus
in the morning and very camly walks over to her and looks at me to go out to the bus with her!  We go on long walks every morning, and he is getting
comfortable enough to steal things that don't belong to him; he just steals things and gathers them in a pile, dosen't chew them!  He also plays with my
husband every evening by running around the house and jumping on furniture.  This only lasts about 10 min. then Quincy is tired out. I'm sending you a pic
of us at the beach today!

The second litter of Portuguese Podengo Grande puppies - born to Six and Rudy
Six Weeks with Cazador, a male Podengo…

He arrived in our home when he was 10 weeks old.  He weighed 25 lbs. He is now 16 weeks old.  He weighs 38 lbs.

The Good:  Slight initial tendency to carry shoes around.  Gently told “no.”  Within 3 days, he had no interest in shoes.  Never shows much interest when we are eating.  No begging. Only urinated in house 4 times.  None within the last two weeks. Very little or no barking.  Just learning to bring back toys that I throw.  He doesn’t enjoy it but he quietly tolerates his baths. He is not a greedy eater.
He loves to drink lots of water. He is comfortable in his crate.

The Bad: Often chews and vigorously paws any soft bedding rather than lay on it. He has a strong tendency for “puppy play biting.” Digs in the yard just enough to get his paws dirty. Often ignores us when he is outside and we call him.