As you consider adding a basenji puppy to your home, ask if the sire and dam were tested in the "LINKAGE TEST".  It is new, it is NOT done at a Vet's office although a vet draws the blood sample.  There is no other testing that is accurate.

All results are published and anyone you are considering purchasing a puppy from, should give you the link so you can see the results yourself.

The Basenji is a well-defined natural breed.  Nothing about him has changed in thousands of years.  Not his size, his shape, the color and texture of his coat, his temperament.

Owners can testify to his phenomenal intelligence, inventiveness, curiosity and his sense of humor.  He is immaculate and practically odorless.  Although known as 'The Barkless Dog' they do posses vocal chords and do have a voice.  They have a wonderful endearing yodel, a menacing snarl and a scream of terror. On occasion they will voice a singular bark, usually to make a liar of the owner who has just announced that their dog is barkless.

While the relative lack of odor, silence and immaculate nature may seem to make him the ideal pet for apartment dwellers, nothing could be farther from the truth.  They are HOUNDS!  They need plenty of exercise in a controlled and safe environment.  They must always be behind a fence or on a leash.  If left to their own devices, they will hunt.  Squirrel, rabbit, birds, your neighbors cat whatever is available.

Inform your self, follow the links provided above to learn more about this breed, it's history and antics.  Do your homework about your breeder, make sure that you are prepared to deal with the unique characteristics of this breed.   

Remember a Dog is a 12-15 year commitment.  If you don't know where you will be in 5 years, getting a dog of any kind may not be for you.

Remember, be responsible, spay or neuter your pet!

To Learn More :
Take some time to visit some of the locations listed below to find more information about basenjis.  For a Fun Dancing Basenji Page, created by Monica at Rugosa Basenji's click here.

Talk to other basenji owners go to dog shows and do your research to find a 'REPUTABLE BREEDER'.  Remember anyone can create a web page or place an ad. The reputable breeder will interview you, have a waiting list, provide more information than you have on your own children.  If you are interested in an adult basenji a reputable breeder can help you find the perfect companion.

Order the book "At Home with Basenjis" to get valuable information from long time breeders/owners.









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